What would you think of a solution that could make you save 15% in IT budgets?

One of the major concerns of IT managers is to meet their IT budgets, which are notoriously subject to change. One of the key components in this fluctuation can be hardware replacement and maintenance, basically because when a hardware surprise shows up, all associated costs represent a huge impact in the budget, making almost impossible to meet it, so important in this times to pinch pennies.

Associated cost for these activities not only comprises hardware acquisition, support and replacement, it also involves the cost of any of those executions, i.e. labor time to install, maintain, upgrade, migrate, etc.

So that make us all think: What can we do to minimize cost and effort for these activities and increase IT capability for implementing new projects and technologies?

Look up; the answer is in the clouds!!!

According to an article written by Saroj Kar, "Cloud Computing Saves 15% in IT Budgets". In a recent study conducted by Computer Economics, where seven companies that have migrated their IT systems to the cloud were analyzed, the conclusion was that those companies were on average able to save over 15 percent IT spending per user.

The article stated, "Nearly 61 percent CIOs surveyed reported that cloud increases innovation and the business commercial agility". Wouldn't you like that piece of statement to be one that you could be proud of?

At Insolex we not only believe in cloud computing and its benefits, but we also know how to deliver cloud solutions that address our customer's needs and concerns, making information and technology available for them at lower costs and with no maintenance effort.

"Insolex exceeded our expectations for streamlining clinical record keeping, easy of use and exemplary customer support."- G.T.C.